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GARCIN Goldens is owned and operated by Gary and Cindy Holland in Portage, Wisconsin.

Garcin Goldens was established in 1999 with the purchase of MAX and ABBY, our first golden retrievers. Over the past 18 years, we have shared our home with many goldens, all of which have filled our hearts and lives with love.

At Garcin's we specialize in breeding and raising goldens with amazing temperaments, great social skills, intelligence and health. A Garcin Golden pup will make an amazing addition to your family and comes with a health guarantee and a lifetime of support. They make wonderful pets and companions.

In 2005, we began an association with the Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs, (WAGS). As volunteers for WAGS we raised and trained golden retrievers and labs for use as service dogs to aid folks with a mobility disability.

In 2008, in hopes of doing more for organizations like WAGS and Custom Canines, , and folks with disabilities in general, we started a breeding program. Dogs from Garcin Goldens are now providing services to folks with mobility disabilities, anxiety and emotional issues, autism, and most recently as medical alert dogs.

In addition to service dog work, Garcin Goldens has also produced dogs who are being utilized as therapy dogs. These dogs and their handlers make visits to hospitals and nursing homes, as well as veteran homes, and are being utilized in schools in reading programs.

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