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In Memory


5/16/2007 - 11/21/2019


Even though we owned Goldens before Bailey came into our lives, she was really a 'first" for us.  She was our 1st show dog, our 1st therapy dog, our 1st reading dog, and the first girl we have had that produced puppies that had everything we were looking for to give back to organizations that utilize dogs to help others.   Her pups are helping folks with disabilities, such as autism and mobility disabilities, as well as being utilized as therapy dogs, reading dogs and companion dogs.  Her legacy lives on through them.

Bailey brought us so much joy.  She never met a human she didn't like and within minutes of meeting new dogs, somehow she always conveyed to them that she was queen and she ruled the roost.  She comforted us when we needed it, loved hanging out with us, our children, and grandchildren, joined us for our nightly walks and no matter what kind of day we were having, let us know that she loved us unconditionally and was there for us.  Bailey loved life on the farm and so, it is her final resting place.  She will always be with us.  She left her paw prints on our hearts forever. 


Bailey 12 and a half (1).jpg
Bailey1 - Copy.jpg
Bailey 1 year 2.jpg
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